Terms & Conditions
  • The advertiser must be a Canadian authorized dealer of the product. Misprints or errors are excluded. The advertised product must be of the same manufacturer, model number and carry the same manufacturer’s warranty.
  • AdCheque will not be honoured if the advertised pricing is based on product being advertised as being limited quantities, demo, clearance, discontinued, close out sale or limited time offer or percentage off promotions.
  • AdCheque will not be honoured if any value added services were supplied with your purchase, ie. product set-up, delivery, accessories, etc.
  • Due to the additional associated costs, product purchased through Interest Free Financing will not be honoured;
  • Cellular phones excluded.
  • Unauthorized Internet advertising excluded. Advertised prices must be in Canadian dollars and the difference will be calculated as including all charges applicable for next day delivery to your home address.
  • Eligible differences must be greater than five dollars to qualify for refund.
  • In the event that your price drops, see your local AVU representative to request your AdCheque.