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Just when Canadians were getting comfortable with their 4K TVs and thought that it just couldn’t get much better, at least for a while, along comes the next generation of 8K UHD TV’s to sweep them off of their feet. 8K TV in Canada is now a reality, so get ready for a whole new experience in movie and TV viewing and gaming. To say that it’s a revolutionary event may be a little bit of an overstatement, but not by much.

Resolution History From SD to 8K

There was a time, oh so very not long ago, when all anybody had was a TV with 576 pixel resolution. Yes, really. Maybe some of you are even old enough to remember black and white only TVs. No? Well, never mind. But low-resolution television was the norm for like forever, and people really didn’t mind, because that was all they knew. And it really wasn’t all that bad, generations of viewers were happy with it.

But then along came high-definition television (HDTV) in the early 1990s, and shook up that blissful world. Invented in 1970 by the Japanese TV industry, HDTV delivered 720 pixel resolution, which although it may not sound like much of a difference, was five times the picture resolution of the old technology, and provided a gee-whiz viewing experience that was unheard of by the general public. Suddenly it was almost like the people and the scenes were actually there, and the viewer was a part of the story.

For those who are a little rusty on their science and physics, the quality of an image on a TV screen is measured by its resolution, which is defined by pixels. A pixel is a very small dot displayed on the screen, and an image is produced by combining a whole bunch of these pixels in different colours. For instance, 720p displays a million pixels, called a megapixel, to make up every picture. So basically the task of TV developers has been to create screens which can display more pixels, and thus a better image.

That took a while, but they succeeded, and in the last few years TVs have come on the market that are capable of displaying tens of millions of pixels, called ultra- high definition television (UHDTV). The difference in resolution is amazing, and it truly has changed the way people experience their movies and shows, and their games.

8K TV vs 4K

8k vs 4k tv comparison Canada
Without going further into the technical details, the newest generations of TVs are known as 4K and now 8K TVs, both referred to as Super-Hi Vision (SHV) technologies. 4K delivers an astounding 8.3 megapixels, but 8K TV displays an absolutely confabulating 33.2 megapixels.

That makes a big difference in several ways besides resolution. 8K TV can deliver a much higher frame rate, which is the number of individual still images that are displayed to make up a movie. It’s a lot like when you were a kid and you would draw a tiny stick man on the edge of each page, each with the legs in a slightly different position, and when you flipped the pages quickly it looked like he was running. A higher frame rate makes for a more fluid, natural-looking motion.

8K also offers a 100-degree viewing angle, compared to the 55-degree angle of viewing that 4K makes possible.

The audio definition is also much better with 8K UHD. 4K can support a 5.1 audio channel, while 8K can handle 22.2, giving you a three-dimensional listening experience that goes beyond surround sound.

So clearly, in every way that counts to the viewer, 8K UHD is far superior to 4K HD.

8K TV for Gaming

8K UHDTV is going to open up a whole new world, not only for movie and TV show fans, but for gamers too. Of course, many game fans were quick to jump on the 4K bandwagon, but if you thought you had stunning images and sharp, lifelike graphics with that technology, well, you’ll just be bowled over by what you’ll get with 4K vs 8K gaming TV. It’s so good, you’ll be able to trace the pulsing veins and worn fingerprints on Arthur Morgan’s combat weary hands.

The new 8K TV’s are coming with HDMI 2.1 built-in, and that means they’ll be able to support content at a lightning-fast 60 fps. 8K technology is so new on the market that at the time of this writing only the XBox One X is able to support HDMI 2.1, but that situation won’t last for long. Look for consoles of the future to be optimized to handle this new tech, so it’s a good investment to pick up an 8K UHD TV now and beat the rush. You could be the first one on your block to have one, wow the neighbors, and maybe even finally get a date with that cute girl (or guy) down the street you’ve been wanting to meet.

The Samsung Q900 Smart QLED 8K UHD TV

Right now, there are only a few manufacturers offering this new technology, but the leader in the field at the moment is arguably Samsung, with their phenomenal Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TV. That’s because it simply offers the best performance and options in the industry. It is capable of displaying 33 million pixels, more than four times what the newest 4K TVs offer, and sixteen times more than regular HD TV. That kind of super-high definition means you’ll be able to see even the tiniest of details, and makes you feel like the action is happening right there in front of you.
samsung 8k tv
The heart of the Samsung 8K TV is the Quantum AI Processor, which utilizes the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring even lower resolution content up to almost 8K clarity. The Quantum pixel dots possible with this new technology renders over a billion colours at 100% of their volume, delivering the most vivid displays possible today.

This digital intelligence can instantly analyze each scene you’re watching and optimize the sound quality to match the experience. You’ll hear every word of dialogue and every little sound, down to the whispers in a lover’s ear or the scratch of a velociraptor’s claws on the floor.

You’ll also be able to curate all of your favourite TV shows and movies and call them up for you to enjoy any time you want, using only voice commands.

And when you’re not watching TV, you can convert your Samsung Q900 into a pleasing aesthetic accent for any room decor by switching to Ambient Mode, which allows the QLED 8k TV to mimic the wall pattern behind it, or to display personal photos or any kind of artwork or image you choose.

The sophisticated ultra-modern design of the Samsung Q900 8K TV allows it to blend in unobtrusively in any room, on the wall, on a table, or in a cabinet, and the slender, almost unseeable optical cable allows you to connect all of your devices with one line to eliminate unsightly and annoying clutter.

And all of this is at the command of just one easy to use remote control to complement the voice commands that Smart technology makes possible.

Where Can You Buy An 8K TV In Canada?

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