9 Things to Look for When Hiring AV Design & Installation Experts

There are many audio video consultants to choose from, so it can be hard decide who to entrust with your project. Here are some tips to consider before making your decision. 1. Experience One of the most significant factors to consider when hiring is their experience. You may know of an AV designer, but that …

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Home Automation: How Control4 Is Better Than DIY Systems

As technology advances and people are able to connect and control more elements in their homes, people are using smart technology for more aspects of their homes. Alexa and Google Home are commonly used to control the thermostat, the lights, the alarm system, music, and more. However, you can use a Control4 system to truly …

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2020 Home Networking Requirements

As more devices connect to the Internet, people have greater home networking requirements. Modern technology is advancing rapidly, and there are new items available all the time to make your life more convenient. From smart doorbells to smart lightbulbs and more, you can be as connected as you want to be. Many changes have occurred …

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Smart Tech To Hook Your Parents Up With Over The Holidays

Living with the challenges the old age brings is certainly nothing new, it’s an inevitable fact of life. Just ask your parents, they’ll be happy to tell you all about the trials and tribulations of getting older. And with good reason, getting old ain’t for sissies. But Canadians today are living in a time when …

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Thanks, Dad! 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

fathers day 2019 gift ideas canada

Father’s Day is closer than you think! June 16th is the day we tell our Dads how much they mean to us, and how we appreciate them. This year skip the socks and ties, and get him something he’ll love year round. Here are some great Father’s day gift ideas:

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7 Ways To Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

Are you looking to jump on the smart home bandwagon? There was a time, not so long ago, when if you told someone you had a smart home, they might have thought you meant you had a sharp looking house, or maybe you had installed thermopane windows or a heat pump or something. Today smart …

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Impress Your Guests With A Multi-room Wireless Audio System by Sonos

whole home audio system

The holidays are here, and whether you are hosting the family Christmas dinner or a raging New Years Eve bash for your neighbours, great music is an essential part of making a memorable evening. Having music in every room of your home can keep a great party atmosphere throughout, and with multiple speakers, you won’t …

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Starting Your Smart Home

starting your smart home

Understanding the basics is very important if you plan to incorporate technology into your house. While there are a number of ways to get that technology, install it, and start moving forward with a smart home, it all starts with one basic question:

What is Home Automation?

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What To Do If Your WiFi Speaker Keeps Cutting Out

wireless speaker sonos keeps cutting out

One of the most frustrating experiences you can go through is having your wifi speakers cut out right as your favourite part of a song comes on. It’s the audio equivalent of the hated buffering notices on streaming video. But why is it happening? You set up your speakers with no problems, your WiFi seems to be working fine on your phone and computer, yet your WiFi speaker keeps cutting out! Before you end up throwing your speaker into a wall, try some of the following troubleshooting tips to help your connection.

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