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There are many audio video consultants to choose from, so it can be hard decide who to entrust with your project. Here are some tips to consider before making your decision.

1. Experience

One of the most significant factors to consider when hiring is their experience. You may know of an AV designer, but that doesn’t mean they have the expertise to build your dream project. Ask about their tenure in the business, as well as consider their answers to points 2, 3, and 4. It’s also important to know if the designers are specialists in the control platform they recommend, or if they do other things. Hiring a generalist isn’t always a bad thing, but they may not know as much as specialists. That way, you don’t have to compromise on features just because your designer can’t do certain things.

2. Portfolio

After you learn about the experience of the designer, look at their portfolios. Viewing someone’s portfolio will prove that they have the experience they claim, or not. Either way, you can make sure you hire someone who can do what you need so that your project can run well. A portfolio can also give you an idea of that designer’s particular style.
If you want a more minimalist design, look for that style in a portfolio before your hire someone. Then, the designer will be able to understand your vision, and you won’t have to make multiple revisions.

3. Skills

Designers should have the skills to show that they can do what they say. A lot of times, their portfolio can show some of the skills they have, but don’t be afraid to ask about someone’s skills related to control platform programming.
Sometimes, hiring someone with the right skills is more important than getting the most experienced person. Hiring a person with more experience doesn’t always mean a better outcome.

4. Personality

Skills are crucial when it comes to designing and installing your system. However, the top designers should be easy to work with and have a personality that’s compatible with yours. If you have to struggle to get stuff done when meeting with an expert, it’s not a good fit.
A good designer will be determined and hard-working, and they’ll do what they can to make your project work well. But if you can’t work well with them, it won’t matter what’s in their portfolio, or what skills they have.

5. Communication

Speaking of someone’s personality, you also need to know how you can communicate with who you hire.
You shouldn’t have to go days or weeks without any updates on your project status. Consider how you prefer to communicate, and ensure the experts you hire understand your preference, such as through email, video calls or by phone.
Before hiring them, ask how quickly you can expect a response, and if they’re available during emergencies. Then, you can make sure you get answers to your questions when you have them.

6. Schedule

Some designers are super busy, so they may have a waitlist. When hiring someone to help build your project, you should understand their work schedule. Ask them when they’ll begin working on your project and how long they think it will take. Consider if you have a specific date when you want to finish by, and if the designer can meet that.
If you will need ongoing help with maintenance and updates, ask about that. Make sure you know how often they’ll be able to service your project going forward.

7. Team

When you hire one person, you have to rely on them to do all of the work, and they might not always be available. If you hire a team, though, you will have access to more skill sets, so you can get help more quickly.
Of course, installation teams don’t come without problems. But if you don’t want to worry about one person taking time off, or having to fix everything, it’s an important factor.

8. Price

Of course, you also have to consider how much you can afford to pay your designer to build your project. In general, teams will charge more than individuals, and anyone with more experience will charge more than a new developer. Take a look at your entire budget, and the section for your AV automation. Once you determine what you can afford, you’ll be able to judge potential experts much more easily.

9. Location

Similar to the issue of price, location can come into play when hiring designers, you should make sure there aren’t any language barriers, or travel barriers. Look for a company or individual in the same area as you, and also speaks the same language to reduce the chance of miscommunication.

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