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The Samsung Neo QLED TV is the newest release aimed at delivering a better video experience. It features new technology designed to provide brighter colours that may rival the performance of OLED TVs.

Samsung plans on releasing its new TVs in 2021. Before ordering a Samsung Neo QLED TV, take the time to learn more about these new TVs. The following Samsung Neo QLED review explores the features, technical specs, and technologies behind the latest lineup from one of the leading electronics manufacturers.

samsung neo qled canada multiview
The multi-view feature lets you see what’s on your smartphone on your screen while watching TV. Perfect for Fantasy Football or Hockey!

What Is a Neo QLED TV?

Neo QLED is the latest display technology developed by Samsung to make televisions that can produce more vivid colours and superior contrast. It is an update to the QLED technology used in previous Samsung TVs.

Neo QLED TVs use “Mini LED” technology. Philips and other TV manufacturers are also using variations of this technology for their latest TVs. Previous generation QLED TVs and other LED TVs use LCD screens with tens of thousands of LCD pixels to produce an image. However, the pixels cannot illuminate themselves. The screens use a backlight system to display colour, which is less efficient and some say not as as vivid compared to OLED technology.

Mini LED TVs, including the Samsung Neo QLED TV, place small LEDs behind the LCD pixels. It is a more effective way to backlight the LCD screen, essentially giving you the pixel control of OLED with the brightness capability of QLED.

Samsung has introduced four flagship models for its Neo QLED TV lineup:

All four models include the new Neo QLED technology, an updated quantum processor, quantum HDR, and advanced audio technologies and components. However, the resolution varies depending on the model.

The QN900A and QN800A models have 8K displays with a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels. The QN80A and QN85A models have 4K displays with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels.

Standard QLED vs. Neo QLED: What’s the Difference?

Samsung introduced QLED TVs in 2017 as an improvement to standard LED TVs. QLED TVs include quantum dots, which are microscopic molecules that emit light. The quantum dots are sandwiched between the LED backlight and the LCD layer.

Along with Samsung, you can find QLED technology in TVs from Hisense and TCL. Cheaper QLED TVs include an edge-lighting system that lights the panel from the sides instead of from behind. High-end Samsung QLED TVs include a direct full-array backlight, which improves the consistency and control of the picture’s brightness.

In a nutshell, QLED TVs produce brighter colours with greater efficiency compared to standard LEDs. However, they still cannot match the complete black produced by OLED TVs. OLED TVs use millions of individual OLED subpixels instead of lighting systems. This allows each pixel to be turned off individually, giving you a true black and greater contrast.

Neo-QLED is a continuation of the QLED technology. Instead of a backlight or sidelights, Neo-QLED TVs use tens of thousands of Mini LED backlights. As with the OLED subpixels found in OLED TVs, the Mini LED system provides greater control of the colours at a pixel level.

Neo-QLED TVs come close to matching the performance of OLED TVs and far surpass the colour output of the previous Samsung QLED TVs. They can produce ultra-bright colours and brilliant whites. Samsung claims that the Quantum Mini LEDs in its Neo QLED TVs provide ultra-fine light control, which also improves the clarity of black tones.

The Neo QLED TVs also include a new Neo Quantum Processor with support for 4K and 8K video and Quantum HDR technology. The new processor features artificial intelligence (AI) powered upscaling to improve the resolution of the image. The HDR technology expands the range of brightness, contrast, and colour to increase the vibrancy of the image.

So, what do all these features mean? Compared to QLED TVs, Neo QLED technology aims to provide the following advantages:

  • Brighter colours, including blacks and whites
  • A wider range of brightness and contrast
  • Support for 8K video and advanced upscaling

Neo-QLED technology is a step up from standard QLED in terms of colour performance and the quality of the image. However, the lineup of Samsung Neo QLED TVs also comes with innovative designs and audio technologies.

infinity screen slim
The Neo QLED TVs feature an incredibly slim profile.

Neo-QLED TVs Feature a Slimmer Profile and Infinity Screen

Standard QLED TVs are typically thicker compared to OLED TVs due to their lighting systems. Two of the Neo QLED TVs include Samsung’s Infinity One Design for the slimmest profile of any high-end HDTV. The QN900A and QN800A Neo-QLED TVs measure just over half an inch thick.

The QN900A is the top-of-the-line Samsung Neo-QLED TV. Along with the Infinity One Design, it features an Infinity Screen. The screen is almost completely borderless. Instead of a black plastic border, the screen extends almost entirely to the edge of the TV. This creates a more immersive experience, as the image appears to hang in front of you.

The QN85A and QN80A Neo-QLED TVs use a slightly different design called the “Samsung NeoSlim Design”. Both TVs measure a little over one inch thick and have more of a border around the edges of the screen.

The Neo-QLED TVs also feature mounts that help create a low profile when mounted on the wall. Samsung sells an optional “Slim Fit Wall Mount” that allows you to install the TV flush against the wall.

When mounting the TV against the wall, you hide the I/O ports. Samsung’s solution involves the use of a detachable device called the “One Connect”. The One Connect wirelessly connects to the TV and includes all the inputs and outputs.

samsung neo qled audio
The Q-Symphony feature syncs your TV speakers with your soundbar & sub for a better surround effect.

Neo QLED TVs Deliver a Better Audio Experience

Along with a slim profile and borderless screen, the Samsung Neo QLED TVs include several audio technologies for producing better sound:

  • Q-Symphony
  • SpaceFit Sound
  • Object Tracking Sound Pro
  • Active Voice Amplifier

The Q-Symphony feature syncs the speakers on the TV with the speakers on your soundbar to deliver a better surround sound experience. Object tracking sound (OTS) also enhances the quality of the surround sound by tracking objects on the screen. It matches the sound to movement on the screen to create a more realistic audio effect.

The SpaceFit Sound analyzes the size of the room and adjusts the TV’s sound for optimal audio performance. The Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) makes it easier to hear dialogue by limiting ambient noises.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs Include the Latest Smart TV Features

The Samsung Neo QLED TVs include WiFi connectivity to provide various smart TV features. It connects to PCs, smartphones, and tablets to provide remote connections. You can access files and apps remotely through the TV.

The Neo QLED TVs also provide smart features and work with multiple voice assistants. You can issue voice commands using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Bixby.

What Other Brands Use Neo QLED Technology?

Samsung developed Neo QLED technology and it currently only appears on Samsung televisions. However, other manufacturers have developed separate technologies that also rely on Mini LED technology.

LG Electronics developed QNED technology while Philips and TCL each have their own version of the Mini LED backlight system. The LG QNED lineup includes two sets of 4K and 8K TVs. Philips plans on releasing two Mini LED TVs toward the middle of 2021. TCL released its 6-Series Mini LED Roku 4K TV in August 2020.

What Sizes Does the Samsung Neo QLED TV Come in?

Samsung has announced four models in its Neo-QLED lineup. Each model is available in multiple sizes:

  • QN900A: 65/75/85 inches
  • QN800A: 65/75/82 inches
  • QN90A: 50/55/65/75/85 inches
  • QN85A: 55/65/75/85 inches

The smallest size is 50 inches, which is available with the QN90A version. The largest size is 85 inches, which is available on all models except the QN80A.

How Much Does the Samsung Neo QLED TV Cost?

The cost of the Samsung Neo-QLED TV varies significantly depending on the model and size. The price ranges from $1600 for the smallest QN85A TV to $9000 for the largest QN900A TV.

The QN85A is the cheapest Neo-QLED TV model. It offers 4K video and uses 24X HDR instead of the 8K video support and 64X HDR found in the QN900A model. The 55-inch QN85A TV has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1599.99 while the 85-inch TV has an MSRP of $4499.99.

The QN900A model is the only option to include the infinity screen, 64X HDR, and the latest object tracking sound (OTS) technology. The 65-inch version retails for $4999.99 while the 85-inch version has an MSRP of $8999.99.

Samsung Neo QLED Review: Conclusion

The Samsung Neo-QLED TV is one of several options that use the new “Mini LED” system to improve the quality of the picture on LED TVs. However, Samsung is one of the most respected electronics manufacturers and has a track record of releasing reliable products.

The Samsung QN900A Neo QLED TV includes several extra benefits, including the slimmest profile and an almost borderless screen. No matter which model you select, the Samsung Neo QLED TVs produce brighter colours and deeper blacks compared to standard LED TVs.

Along with more vivid colours, the Neo QLED TVs come packed with modern smart TV features and superior audio components. If you want the best home theatre experience possible on an LED TV, you are likely to be satisfied with the Samsung Neo QLED TV.

Have any questions about the Samsung Neo Qled TV’s, or want to know where to buy one in Canada? Contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

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