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IFI Zen Blue vs Audioengine B1:  What’s the Best Bluetooth Receiver?

Adding a Bluetooth receiver enhances your home audio setup by allowing you to connect Bluetooth-enabled devices to older technology like a vintage receiver. You can easily pair your phone or tablet and start streaming music. The IFI Zen Blue and Audioengine B1 Bluetooth receivers are two of the top options. Both choices are easy to

Product Reviews

2021 Samsung Frames Available Now

August 2021 We have 2021 Samsung Frames in stock with limited quantities–Order yours today! TV when it’s on, art when it’s off The Frame transforms into art, and blends flawlessly with your home decor. It can be hang flush on your wall with the wires hidden, and it will display artwork when you aren’t watching

Samsung Neo QLED TVs Canada
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Introducing Samsung Neo QLED TVs

The Samsung Neo QLED TV is the newest release aimed at delivering a better video experience. It features new technology designed to provide brighter colours that may rival the performance of OLED TVs. Samsung plans on releasing its new TVs in 2021. Before ordering a Samsung Neo QLED TV, take the time to learn more

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to show you some of the newest items in electronics that would make a great gift for dad. This year, skip the socks and get him something that he, and the rest of the family will get to enjoy all year long. Sonos Arc The Sonos

beware counterfeit bluetooth speakers
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Beware Of Counterfeit Tech Products

Everyone loves a good deal, especially on pricey items like electronics and tech products, and these days the best bargains are usually found online. But there are two ancient proverbs that never go out of style, ‘buyer beware’ and ‘you get what you pay for’. And if anything that’s truer today than ever. It’s no

Kanto SYD Review
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Kanto SYD Review

I’ve been excited to review the new Kanto SYD since it was first announced. The unique shape and style of the speaker immediately brought up a few questions: Is it meant to be a soundbar? Is it supposed to replace Bookshelf speakers? Is it a true stereo speaker? I had the opportunity to live with

Kanto YU6 Review
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Kanto YU 6 & SUB 8 Review

We recently had the opportunity to review the Kanto YU6 Bookshelf Speakers, with the SUB8 subwoofer. I’ve been looking forward to listening to these speakers since we reviewed the smaller YU4 model late last year. For this review we wanted to change it up, so we enlisted a diverse group of musicians to come listen

yamaha wx010 review

Yamaha WX010 Wireless Speaker Review

Recently we had the chance to demo the Yamaha WX010 Wireless Speaker. This speaker is part of Yamaha’s MusicCast line of products, which feature the ability to pair & sync speakers throughout your home, utilizing your Wi-Fi connection.

Kanto YU4 Speakers Red Review
Product Reviews

Kanto YU4 Powered Speakers Review

Recently we had the chance to review the new Kanto YU4 Powered Bookshelf Speakers. Boasting a wide variety of connection options, with the promise of crystal clear Hi Fi Audio, we were excited to hook these up and give them a try!

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