BDI Flo 4 Componenet-wide Media Console (7279)


  • Soundbar Platform
  • Acoustically Transparent Doors
  • Remote-Friendly Doors
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Rear Access Panels
  • Flow-Through Ventilation
  • Cable Management
  • TV Safety Strap

Go with the Flo.

There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to Flo. Beneath the striking exterior is a highly functional AV cabinet that includes a host of innovative features to keep your home theater looking and sounding its best.

Set the Stage for Entertainment

Behind closed doors, this fully-featured media cabinet includes adjustable shelves, removable back panels for easy access to the rear of components, integrated cable management, and flow-through ventilation to keep things cool.

Remote Access

Infrared (IR) remote signals pass through the same acoustically transparent doors that neatly conceal components and allow for clear sound dispersion.

Soundbar Platform

A perfectly positioned soundbar shelf intelligently integrates a center channel speaker or soundbar into the overall design. Accommodates speakers up to 38″W and 19″H.

Heard, Not Seen

The uniqueperforated steel door designprovides acoustic transparency when the doors are closed,permitting sound and remote signalstopass through, while keeping components out of sight.

Ease of Access

Ventilated rear side panels slide or can be completely removed for easy access to the rear ofcomponents, while the centerback panel is fixed to provide structural support.

Pair Together

Flo partners well with many popular BDI table collections to create a more complete living space.

Design Stories

Selecting the Perfect Media Furniture

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