CLARION Audio Integration Processor (XC660DSP)


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OEM Integration DSP Processor
  • 24-bit Digital Signal Processor
  • 6-Channel Differential Inputs, 6-Channel Output
  • 8V Max Preamp Output Voltage
  • 6×6 Input Signal Matrix Mixer
  • IVS Input Voltage Selector
  • Input, Post Mixer, Post EQ and Output Level Meters for Gain Optimization
  • Six Channel Output Level Control with 6 Grouping Options
  • Three Stereo 6-Channel 5-Band Parametric Equalizers with Channel Linking
  • Six Channel Time Alignment with 6 grouping options
  • Stereo Crossovers (High-Pass, Low-Pass & Band-Pass)
  • BC2 User Configurable Remote Level Control
  • Master Volume Control
  • Individual Channel Muting for Tuning
  • Speaker Level Input Adapters
  • Tri-On Remote Turn-On Circuit (Remote, Signal or DC Detect)
  • External Selection of 4 System Presets
  • Remote Turn-On Output On/Off Delay
  • Three Dedicated 96/24 Input ADC
  • Three Dedicated 192/24 Output DAC
  • High-Current, Low Impedance Output Driver IC’s
  • Dimensions: 202mm x 122mm x 25mm (7.9375″ x 4.75″ x 1″)
  • Compatible with XC-Tune+ Windows Tuning Software

Design Achieves High Quality Sound

The XC660DSP features a 6×6 Input Matrix Mixer, Crossovers, Time Alignment, Equalization and high-resolution output level control allow your installer or technician to optimize the sound of your mobile audio system. Your installer can compensate for speaker placement, reflections and resonances. The result is smooth, natural sound with amazing detail, realism and accuracy. All for much less money than you would expect!

XC-Tune Software

The XC660DSP is a high-speed OEM Integration DSP Processor. Through our XC-Tune Software Suite, you have full control over the input sensitivity, signal mixing, crossovers, equalization and time alignment for each channel. You can save as many configurations as you want on your PC and load them quickly via the USB port on the amplifier. The benefit of this adjustability is the ability to precisely control the acoustic response, and perceived location of each and every speaker in the system. The result – sound so accurate, you think it’s a live performance.
Note: XC660DSP Require a Windows PC for proper installation and tuning.
XC660DSP Features
• Integrated XC-Tune DSP Processing
• User Configurable BC3 DLC (Digital Level Control) Included (-60 to
+5dB, 0.1dB Step, Channel Selection)
• Tri-On Remote turn-on circuit (Remote, Signal or BTL Detect)
• Speaker Level Input Adapters included

BC2 User Configurable Remote Control

The XC-Tune and XC-Tune+ software suites provide unprecedented control and flexibility to configure the range of control of the remote and select what channels it will affect. You can configure the BC2 as a master volume control, a center channel level control or a subwoofer level control. We have even including a optional provision to mute the associated channels when the control is turned full counter-clockwise. The BC2 remote can be easily disassembled to allow for custom installations.


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