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Paradigm ELITE SERIES V2 In-wall Speaker (E3LCRV2)


  • Aluminum Magnesium Ceramic (AL-MAC
  • Aluminum Magnesium (AL-MAG
  • Exclusive Ultra-Rigid CARBON-X
  • Reduced Edge Diffraction (RED
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The Custom Installer’s Performance-Oriented Solution

The CI Elite series is Made in Canada and has all the technology advantages of our CI PRO Series, but we didn’t stop there. It’s packed full of features that make a difference, and it doesn’t get much sweeter than this when looking for the ultimate sound performance.

Aluminum Magnesium Ceramic (AL-MAC™) Tweeter with Exclusive Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Tweeter Lens

AL-MAC™ is our unique blend of Aluminum, Magnesium, and Ceramic materials; each of which contribute to the end goal of greater accuracy and realism. Their special properties contribute to the final product which is not only strong and lightweight, but embodies a natural anti-resonance to ensure the tweeter doesn’t just sound good “on paper” but truly sounds incredible in the real world.

Aluminum Magnesium
(AL-MAG™) Cones
Similar to the goals we had in mind when developing the AL-MAC™ tweeter, AL-MAG™ was conceived to bring the same elevated level of performance to the area where our ears are the most sensitive. In addition, AL-MAG™ combines a high stiffness-to-mass ratio with superior internal damping for greater accuracy.
Shock-Mount™ System

mechanically decouples the die-cast aluminum baskets from the specially formulate CARBON-X™ ingrained baffles reducing performance-robbing vibrations and resonance between the chassis and the acoustic platform. Without these resonances, all drivers are left free to deliver pure, unaltered sound with no audible distortion.

Oversized, 1.5” High-Power Handling Voice Coil

motor structure dramatically increases maximum output level and reduces power compression.

Patented† Active Ridge Technology (ART™) surrounds

made in-house and over-moulded directly onto each cone, achieve greater excursion for a 3dB gain in distortion-free output (50% greater) compared to drivers with standard surrounds. † US patents: D654,479S and 8,340,340B2.

Advanced Features for a Solid and Secure Installation

FEA-Optimized Ultra Rigid Cast-Aluminum Baskets feature integrated heat sinks for higher power handling, for better bass, better dynamics, and less power compression.

Integrated Acoustic Back-box Enclosure safeguards internal parts from debris while preventing added sound ‘spillage’ to adjacent rooms. It also ensures consistent and reliable performance from application to application. (CI Elite LCR models only)

Screen Compensation Mode ensures true acoustic transparency when placed behind micro-perforated projection screens. (CI Elite LCR models only)

Pocketed screw holes help to hold the drill steady, making installation a snap.

Premium-grade components include high-power rated resistors, capacitors and heavy gauge wire inductors.

Nickel-plated, spring loaded binding posts feature a larger wire hole to accept higher-gauge wire or banana plugs.

Bezel-Free Micro-Perf Grilles offer a clean aestetic from room-to-room.

Magnetically attached grilles: neodymium magnets hold grilles firmly in place.

Partnered with the NRC

Paradigm is partnered with Canada’s world-renowned NRC in ongoing research to reveal the true nature of sound and human hearing. Findings influence design and performance specs, resulting in a uniquely realistic listening experience, backed by sound science.



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