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The television set is a fixture in most homes, and it has come a long way from the cumbersome box with rabbit ears that sat in a corner. As it has evolved, it has grown more and more attractive, and it has a place in your home decor. The Samsung Frame TV takes television design to an entirely new level because it can actually become a part of your home decor. It transforms your television into a work of art.

What Is the Samsung Frame TV?
The Samsung Frame TV is a 4K television that shows photographs and artwork when you aren’t using it. It also puts out stunning video when you are watching TV or movies. The TV has a picture frame, and it does everything that you want a smart TV to do, and it comes with artwork that you can display when you put the TV in Art Mode, or you can subscribe to the Art Store to choose other artwork.

You can turn Art Mode off, and the TV will turn itself on when it detects that nobody is present. In addition, Samsung has a nearly invisible cord that attaches to the TV mount. The wall mount comes with the TV, and it helps to make sure that your TV truly looks like a piece of art in your home. It is the best looking TV on the market, which is why it is a favourite of interior decorators.

What Does it Look Like?
The Samsung Frame TV has a frame, and you can customize it with different bezel colours that can attach and detach with built-in magnets. It hangs on the wall just as a real picture would, and it uses a no-gap wall mount. It hides the cords for your TV, and you can connect all of the cables in the One Connect Box.

The Frame TV comes in a number of different sizes from 32” to 75” so you can get the size that is best in your space. You can use Art Mode to display art when you aren’t watching TV, and you have access to over 1,200 works of art with the Art Store subscription. If you prefer to display your photographs, you can do so. You can turn Art Mode off if you prefer the TV to power off.

What Is Art Mode?
You get a free trial of the Art store, where you will find a variety of art ranging from classics to modern art. The TV will learn what you like best, and it can make recommendations based on your preferences. When you have your TV in Art Mode, it will display your favourite work of art or your favourite photograph.

You can save your favourite art to your personal gallery, and you can upload and keep your photographs there as well. It also has six aesthetic filters that will allow you to create unique looks for your photographs. The TV also has a brightness sensor, so it will automatically adjust the screen’s brightness and colour tone for natural illumination.

This TV has 100% colour volume, and the art looks as realistic as it does in a gallery. It also has the contrast of Dual LED, so you get amazing detail and texture from all angles. It senses the surrounding light automatically, and it adjusts the screen’s brightness and contrast to the ideal setting for the room.

Other Features
In addition, the Samsung Frame TV offers a Multi View Mode, so you can watch a movie while you mirror your mobile screen or work out with a video. It is compatible with most mobile devices, and you can mirror your device by simply taping the frame of the TV with your device. It is also voice activated, so you can tell it to turn art mode on or off. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby, and it has intuitive controls with an app and a remote.

Final Words
The Samsung Frame TV is the best TV to fit in with your home decor. It can hang flush on your wall with the wires hidden, and it will display artwork when you aren’t watching TV. You can subscribe to the Art Store to choose from 1,200 different pieces of art, or you can upload your favourite photographs. In addition to hanging on your wall and displaying art, you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies in 4K.

No matter what kind of decor you have in your room, this TV will fit in beautifully. You can choose appropriate art to complement your decor, and you can change the bezels in the frame to the best possible colour for your decor. You can truly integrate your TV into your home when you use the Samsung Frame TV. 

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