SAMSUNG 30″ Double Wall Oven – Blk Stainless (NV51K7770DG)


  • Flex Duo? System
  • Steam Cook Function
  • Hybrid Cleaning System
  • Dual Convection System
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Oven Type 30" Double Wall Oven
Oven Color Black Stainless
Door Type Drop Down
Oven Door Glass 4
Soft Closing Door Yes
Display Type 7" LCD
Cavity Material Enamel
Control Method LCD KNOB
Bake Heater 8 Pass (3000 W)
Broil Heater 10 Pass (4400 W)
Flex Duo Y (Upper Only)
Bake Y (Both)
Broil Y (Both)
Convection Bake Y (Both)
Convection Roast Y (Both)
Convection Broil Y (Lower Only)
Steam Bake Y (Upper Only)
Steam Roast Y (Upper Only)
Gourmet Recipe Y (Both)
Nopeheat Mode Y (Both)
Bread Proof Y (Both)
Healthy Cook Y (Both)
Cleaning Method Self Clean { Hybrid Clean
Wi-Fi Connection Yes
Child Safety Lock Yes
Clock Yes
Cook Timer Yes
Language Option Yes
Interior Lamp Halogen LED
Light (Lamp) On/Off Yes
Cutout (WxHxD) 724 x 1276 x 597 mm
Outside (WxHxD) 756 x 1304 x 620 mm
Shipping (WxHxD) 850 x 1432 x 757 mm
Loading Quantity 42 (40 ft) / 19 (20 ft)
Weight (Net) 124 kg
Weight (Gross) 139 kg
Square Wire Rack 2 (Upper) / 2 (Lower)
Meat Probe Yes
Gliding Rack Yes

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12 reviews for SAMSUNG 30″ Double Wall Oven – Blk Stainless (NV51K7770DG)

  1. 1 out of 5


    Wifi Connectivity Does not work

    I’ve had this oven for almost a year and the wifi connectivity does not work. I’ve had cases open and technicians replacing parts and still nothing. This oven was expensive and I expect it to perform. Samsung, please fix your products.

    Originally posted on

  2. 2 out of 5


    Samsung- please pay attention to your customers and fix these disasters!

    I should have heeded the warnings of the other reviews before purchasing. The WiFi absolutely is not supported on an up to date iPhone- and Samsung has zero interest in fixing it- I’ve spent hours on the phone trying to get them to help and they have no solution and refuse to replace it.

    The steam function works marginally at best- doesn’t produce enough steam to properly cook a boule of sourdough or rye bread.

    The calibration was way off- I had to adjust the calibration to the max to get it even near the temp the temp I set on the oven.
    Do yourself a favor- don’t buy this oven!

    Originally posted on

  3. 1 out of 5


    Great oven, LOUSY COMPANY

    So, let me begging by saying that I do love how this oven cooks. It does everything really well. Now, we get to the issues: Like many of you, i bought this oven because of the features that separated it from the pack. Things like the WiFi connectivity, the WiFi connected temperature probe (THE PROBE IS OFF BY 20 DEGREES!), the ability to interface with the oven via the SmartHome app on my iPhone (WON’T WORK WITH IPHONE…NO SOLUTION PLANNED!!!). Samsung apologized to me countless times but that was ALL they offered. This oven falls so short…DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!!!

    Originally posted on

  4. 1 out of 5


    Do not buy if you love to bake

    I am very disappointed with this oven and am returning it. I am a serious baker–for decades–and none of my time-tested recipes have been successful. On the bake setting (not bake with convection), the oven seems to be a semi-convection and the air circulation, which I think is intended to keep the temperature at a constant temperature, has the result of overcooking the outside of everything. Have tried adjusting temperature and time, with no consistent results. A smaller but irritating issue is that the oven’s relay clicks constantly, both as it is preheating and during use. Up to 60 clicks in a few minutes. Might not bother most people but if you are sensitive to such noises, it’s a nightmare. Had a repair person come examine and it’s not a defect in my oven–this is the way it’s designed. I also called, emailed and chatted with Samsung and none of their people seamed to know what a relay was. As long as I am being critical, the timer feature is over-engineered–you have to push three different buttons to get the timing going. A shame because the oven has many wonderful features–very aesthetically appealing, large capacity, large glass doors, and much more. I am so disappointed to send it back but since I am a baker, I can’t live with results.

    Originally posted on

  5. 1 out of 5



    The ovens will not heat up! I bought a brand new unit, got it hooked up and it looks pretty. When it came time to try and bake something, NO HEAT. Samsung has refused to replace it. They sent someone out to fix is and even their own guy wouldn’t fix it! Its been over two weeks and still I have not received a solution. They do not allow returns, they wont replace it, they wont fix it…so am I just stuck with a 300lb paperweight. This is by far the worst customer service and lack of common sense I have ever experienced. No one buys something new and without ever using it, ask for it to be repaired. I have gone back and forth with your reps, home depot, left my work, spent hours on a phone and still no resolution.

    I have used nothing but Samsung products and this interaction is making me reconsider my loyalty. I replaced my hood, fridge, cook top, double wall oven, dishwasher and washer/ dryer with all Samsung appliances. I want this resolved or come collect your appliances!

    Originally posted on

  6. 1 out of 5



    Enamel chipped inside bottom oven in less than 4 months. Do not use oven every day or pull out racks. Big freekin problem and no one take ownership. After reading TONS of negative reviews, stil wanted the oven. My bad. never, ever gain.

    Originally posted on

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    […] the Samsung 30″ double wall oven you are complete control of your cooking from start to finish. The oven is equipped with a Flex […]

  8. 4 out of 5


    Adventures with my Samsung Double Wall Oven

    First off, I got to say that today I am very happy with the performance of my Samsung double wall oven. It didn’t start that way. I received my first Samsung double wall oven and had it professionally installed only to find that it would not heat up. The controls worked – but the ovens would not heat up. When I called Samsung and explained what was going on – they quickly arranged for a replacement which arrived by the end of the week. The second one worked fine and was ready for use on Thanksgiving. I used to have a single wall oven with a microwave above it. The Samsung double wall oven fits in the combined spaces perfectly (the double wall oven requires a 51 inch vertical space). It took very minimum cabinetry work to clear out the space for the double oven. Also make sure you have the correct electrical connection: the oven requires 8 gauge wire and a 50 amp 240 volt dedicated breaker. It’s a sleek, beautiful unit. I got the black stainless steel version and it looks great next to my black stainless steel Samsung 4 door counter depth refrigerator. I like how the blue leds “point” to the function selected as well as illuminate the dials. You also have several choices on the style of the clock displayed (both analog and digital). Regarding the clock, I read a reviewer who was disappointed that the clock did not remain displayed all the time, a comment my wife made to me as well – but I pointed out to her that all you have to do is swipe the touch screen and the clock is displayed. Its an energy saving technique. Maybe Samsung could have an option to leave it displayed all the time? But four convection fans! Wow! And large windows in the oven doors with leds built-in which do great showing off whats cooking. I used both ovens while preparing our Thanksgiving dinner and they worked well. I kept the turkey in the lower oven and used the upper oven to bake a variety of dishes, including a casserole, muffins and biscuits while the turkey was cooking. What a great convenience to have two ovens! I can’t wait to have my next pizza party – and bake 4 pizzas at once! And I hope to be able to post an update sometime with my experiences using the steam bake – I love making fresh bread – and the steam bake sounds great. My only real criticism (other than obvious fault with the units that don’t heat) – is that the touchscreen needs a “back” button – several times while I was setting up a bake – the unit would not let me go back a screen.

    Originally posted on

  9. 5 out of 5

    Queen Sharona

    Great Features and Very Stylish

    I love this oven and it is so beautiful. It is feature rich and comparable to any oven in this price range. This product arrived with 4 days of ordering and it was easily installed by my husband.

    Originally posted on

  10. 1 out of 5



    Bought this oven after purchasing a new home. I had the flex duo range in my previous home and replaced the wall oven at the new home with this one. I love Samsung products but hate this oven. It was so noisy, from other reviews I read after purchasing the oven this was a common problem with no resolution. I immediately called Samsung to get team lift and get this out of my house. For over 3K you should have no problems with a oven. The only positive thing I can say about this oven is that Samsung immediately came and picked the oven up and I was issued a refund. I purchased the oven thru Home Depot.

    Originally posted on

  11. 5 out of 5



    Installed today and baking cookies!!! This is truly an amazing oven and the features exceed my expectation!!! I am in love!!

    Originally posted on

  12. 1 out of 5


    Disappointed and Frustrated

    I bought this Oven back on January 7th and it arrived January 16th, installed it the first week in February to have it show an error. A technician came on February 15th and ordered parts based strictly off the error code and on March 11th a second technician showed up to install the new parts. Once the Technician arrived and took the back off the oven it was obvious that I had a much more serious issue, as it was missing half the wiring and the wrong harness was installed at the factory, none of the broiling elements were connected and the unit was only wired for 120v as there was nothing connected to the L1 side of the terminal block. My Service Tech said he has never seen anything likes this in the 39 years he has been servicing appliances. He was also concerned that since the oven was wired incorrectly by the manufacturer that he fears there could possibly be other issues with the circuit boards. I don’t feel comfortable with even putting this unit in my house and Sears has no idea of what to do either, I have requested to send the unit back and get a refund, but it is sad because all my other appliances in my house are Samsung and now I have been without an oven for over 6 week with no resolution in the near future!

    Originally posted on

  13. 1 out of 5

    Jul B Florida

    Worst product and company

    We purchased our double wall oven June 2018 during a house remodeled. We started using product at end of oct. since December 5th the oven has not worked. We have contacted Samsung serval times and they always send same techs out that state we are not familiar with this product and it NEVER get corrected. Samsung did finally send a new double wall oven after 4 months and 3 holidays of having to use a $100/ toaster oven to cook but yet they will not install the new one because the company they sent to do so isnt familiar with the product. I also have a Samsung dishwasher that has leaked since the we bought it and they refuse to replace it despite it being under warranty.

    Originally posted on

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