SAMSUNG 4.0 cu. ft. Top Load Washer – White (WA40J3000AW)

1.5 out of 5
(14 customer reviews)


  • Self Clean Technology
  • Diamond Drum Interior
  • 8 Preset Wash Cycles
  • Soft Close Lid
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14 reviews for SAMSUNG 4.0 cu. ft. Top Load Washer – White (WA40J3000AW)

  1. 1 out of 5


    Do NOT Buy

    This washer is terrible. Not only does it not get all your clothes wet it doesn’t get them clean! I’ve never had to add extra things but even adding extra cleaners the clothes still come out dirty. Its supposed to be saving water but having to wash 2-3 times saves NO WATER! I recommend saving your money and buying a machine that you choose the water level and has an agitator.
    Also had issues within a month and took a month to get replacement parts!

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  2. 1 out of 5


    Total dung (cause it won’t let me use a bad word)

    DO NOT BUY THIS WASHER!!! The dryer is okay but washer is horrible. It gets stuck in self cleaning mode with every load I do and then when that’s done after 20 minutes- it takes 2 hours to wash a load on a normal setting with a large (not extra-large) load. Is down right ridiculous!! Run, don’t walk away from this washer!! It’s Total cheap bull! Wish I had paid more for something better!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. 1 out of 5


    Motor burnout at the one year mark

    After 51 weeks of use the motor has burnt out, and the pressure sensor is no longer working. Both of which now require replacing. During the time that this machine did operate it would frequently have difficulty balancing during spin cycle, no matter the load size. More frustrating is the poor quality of Samsung customer service. This was my first, and last, Samsung appliance.

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  4. 1 out of 5


    Broken 3 times in 6 months!

    I bought the machine at the end of july 2017, within a month it would get stuck on the spin cycle and there aren’t many contractors with Samsung where I live so it took forever for them to come out. A couple months after that, the same issue occurred and needed to be repaired. The person that we spoke to on the phone and the person that came to our house gave us attitude saying that we should know that this machine is a light to medium load only- but then why did we buy the larger machine that advertises that it can take the larger loads? He fixed the machine a week ago, and we have treated the thing like a delicate egg using the lightest of loads (wasting water and time), and yesterday it broke again!! I believe a refund for the entire machine is in order.

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  5. 5 out of 5


    Great buy!!

    For purchasing my very first brand new washer and dryer. The thought alone of spending any amount can be quite nerve racking — especially for a first timer. Of course you want nothing other than — once and done, shop wisely Well i sure did do my research and the time put in and stumbling across this great buy was well worth the time, effort, & money. Effective, great design, & features i was exactly looking for , all met and exceeded with this washer. Also the matching dryer is the washer’s sister machine that greatly complete’s the set to be truly a great buy!

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  6. 1 out of 5


    Extremely poor quality – Horrible Samsung Technical Service

    This washer machine is a extremely poor quality product. The load sensor cable located at the bottom of the unit breaks every time that the unit spins slightly unevenly. Once the cable is broken the unit identifies a very heavy load and stops spinning so basically the unit does not work any more.

    I called two times the technical service who solved the problem by reconnecting the broken cable with tape!! Now the unit is out of warranty and the problem is not solved and Samsung declines to fix it.

    Such a terrible poor quality product and technical service. This is the last Samsung home appliance that we buy.

    Originally posted on

  7. 2 out of 5


    The worst washer

    I started a load at 8:15 p.m. It was a large load washing on the normal cycle it didn’t get done till 9:50 p.m.. It doesn’t get my clothes all the way clean I have to put the machine on the rinse and spin cycle again in order for my whites to come out white . With using the Samsung name you would expect it to be a better product then what this is.. I recommend that you do not buy it it is a complete waste of money. The washing machines at the local laundromat wash my clothes better than this washing machine did….

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  8. 3 out of 5

    washing mamma

    LONG LONG speed wash

    First day installed. Beautiful and big for a large family. The wash was fantastic (especially since my son still wets the bed and usually the sheets wreak without bleach). HOWEVER, what I thought would be a 15 minute speed wash took 56 minutes!!! That is crazy. I must say that it was an extra large load with Hot Water. I will update later once I try out different loads.

    Originally posted on

  9. 1 out of 5

    a senior

    do not buy this garbage

    two month past the one year warranty it is scrap.will not buy samsung again.

    Originally posted on

  10. 1 out of 5

    Carrie O


    Month and a half out of warranty and it won’t spin out. When it was working it would take over an hour to wash. Will never buy Samsung again.

    Originally posted on

  11. 1 out of 5



    Mold on my clothes! Bleach doesn’t help,self clean is a joke. Never a Samsung product again. Washer was purchased 3/17. No help or suggestions from Samsung

    Originally posted on

  12. 1 out of 5


    Don’t do it!

    I find it hard to believe this machine received such high ratings. It was installed and balanced by professionals but it is the noisiest washer I’ve EVER heard and takes a ridiculous amount of time to wash a normal load. The 3 worst features are that even on small loads, it does not spin out out all of the water so any energy it might save you from its ‘energy features’ is completely wasted by the additional time it takes to dry the extra water out of your clothes. I tried running an additional spin but there is no way to do that without running an additional rinse! Come on! The next annoying feature is that you can’t just lift the lid to toss in anything you might have forgotten without a long wait for the machine to finally unlock the lid. I realize this is a safety feature but there are no children in the house and we are not mentally impaired adults. The last and most annoying feature is the ridiculously long song it plays when the wash is done – I KNOW I just did a load and don’t need an annoying reminder. Don’t think I haven’t read every page in the simple manual to turn these last, irksome features off – nothing is mentioned except how to lock & unlock the panel so small kids can’t mess with the buttons. There should be an option to turn this off! If someone knows it – PLS educate me. If I could turn the annoying bells & whistles off, I still wouldn’t recommend it since you can’t spin out more water. Give me an old-fashioned washing machine where you can control the cycles over this one ANY DAY!

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  13. 1 out of 5


    Horrible Washer, and Horrible Service.

    This washer is a little over a year old, and we are already needing service on it because it will not spin. The washer will fill up with water, get stuck before the spin cycle, and then proceed to fill up with more water to an extra large load size, regardless of the amount of clothes that are in there. Samsung has been a nightmare in this process, and has prolonged when we can actually get our washer fixed. They cancelled my appointment for service without notifying me, after already speaking with them 2x. The only reason I found out was because the service company called me directly to let me know. When I called Samsung back to complain, they had no idea why or how this had happened, blamed it on the service company, and asked if I wanted to make a new appointment for almost a week later. DO NOT BUY THIS WASHER unless you want to dump more money into it a year later just to get it to work properly!

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  14. 1 out of 5

    Cooper J Haigler


    we purchased this washing machine in january, 2017. it continues to need repairs. (6 thus far) replacing. so very disappointed in this company.

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