Why AVU?

We are the local experts in Home Electronics and Appliances

The top three advantages of joining AVU, as identified by our partners are:
– Opportunity for Personal and Business Development
– Increased Sales and Profitability
– Improved Competitiveness & Advertising Profile

AVU Competitive Advantages

Fastest growing electronics banner in Canada

Increases customer satisfaction and promotes repeat business.
Convert warranty horror stories into customer loyalty stories with fast service!
Decrease your accounts receivables with AVU’s prompt pay service.

AdCheque: Canada’s #1 Customer-Friendly Price Guarantee
Proven increase in converting shoppers to buyers on first visit.
Customer loyalty assured after receiving cheque.

Supplier Programs
Zero corporate holdback on supplier volume and co-op.
Net dollars to you as good or better than our competitors.

Online Flyer and Catalog Program
Fully customizable flyers and catalog ensures you advertise what you sell.
Monthly campaigns – your participation is selectable.
Optional focus sections on Car Audio and Custom Home

Personal and Business Development
Industry specific training for retail sales, retail management, and business administration.
New hire training program & certification to get new staff to perform in 90 days.

Community of Owners Working Together
Sharing knowledge and numbers tell you the true story that you can relate to.
Access to proven successful strategies
Multiple channels of expertise available through powerful communication tools.

We are Your Lowest Paid Employee
Guarantee that improved supplier programs will more than pay for the fees to be a partner.
Access to management team and systems for a fraction of the cost for you to outsource.
The only banner offering a cap on royalties.

Subscriber Exclusive:

Get $20 off your next purchase!

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