This claim form is for extended service protection plans only, covering products past the manufacturer’s original warranty period, usually one year. If your product is within one year of the purchase date, please contact the original purchase retail location for details on service. Customers requiring service under this plan must initiate a claim and complete the required (*) information (e.g. Customer’s Email).

We service customers all across Canada in many different time zones and so to expedite service to you, we use email to communicate. This will help speed things up for you as we go through the process. Make sure you provide a valid email address and one you use often. Even better, to avoid these communications landing in your junk mail, we recommend that you add to your address book.

Once your claim is completed, allow a few days to validate the claim and sort out the best course of action for your scenario. Keep in mind that we also occasionally request pictures to better diagnose and speed up service. At any time should you have a question about your claim, simply email us at

For Full Terms & Conditions, please visit Guaranteed Protection Plan


Does my GPP transfer to replacement units? No. Once a unit is replaced, the plan obligations are complete. You may at that time purchase a new GPP for the replacement item.

I did not buy GPP with my purchase. Can I still do so? You can add or upgrade GPP up to 30 days from the date of the product purchase. Contact your original store for more details.

How does the Repair Credit Work? In cases where we are unable to repair a unit due to situations beyond our control, we convert the repair estimate to an in-store credit. You can use this like a gift card against a new product. You would pay the difference, taxes and fees. This would also end our warranty obligation on the old unit and give you the opportunity to add GPP onto the new purchase.

How long does a repair take? One to four weeks in most cases depending on parts & service availability. In some cases there can be delays for parts that are on backorder due to worldwide manufacturing disruptions and/or shortages. Because this scenario is out of our control and may impact our ability to provide service in a timely manner, you may want to consider the aforementioned ‘Repair Credit’.

Is it possible for me to solve the problem on my own? We suggest referring to your owner’s manual for troubleshooting. Sometimes service issues can be simple general maintenance to maximize your products performance.

What is the best way to contact AVU Service Department? Since we provide service across Canada, the best way to communicate with our team is by email:

What happens if my warranty runs out & I have already made a claim? Provided you have submitted your claim during coverage, you will still be covered & we will send a servicer as soon as it is safe to do so.

How do I submit a Service Claim? Follow this link to initiate your claim.

Start Your Service Claim

To help expedite your service claim, you can upload pictures to help us with assessing the nature of the problem:

  • For TV’s: Full screen shot of the panel with the said anomaly visible – e.g. lines, blotches, shadows, cosmetic, etc.
  • For Appliances: Picture of the said anomaly that is visible – e.g. error code, interior/exterior, leaks, cosmetic, mechanical, etc.

Once you have submitted the form you will be redirected to the main claim form to fill out, thank you.

No Images Available? Skip to claim form.